IB Courses

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IB LangLit A 📚IB Econ 💹IB Psych 🧠
IB LangLit B 🌍IB Geo 🌏IB Anthro 👥
IB LitPerf 🎭IB Hist 🏰IB Glob Pol 🌐
IB Lang B 🗣IB ITGS 💻IB World Rel 🕌
IB Ab Initio 🆕IB Philo 🤔IB Bio 🧬
IB Classics 🏛IB Business 🏢IB Chem ⚗️
IB Design Tech 🛠IB Env Sys 🌿IB Sports Sci 🏃
IB Comp Sci 💾IB Math AA 📐IB Math AI 🔢