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How to use the Grade Calculator

Our grade calculator is so easy to use, it’s almost like cheating (but totally legit)! 🤓 Just a few clicks and you’ll have your grades sorted in no time. Whether you’re shooting for that scholarship 💰, aiming for a spot at a top college 🎉, or just trying to make sure you graduate on time 🎓, we’ve got your back. No more math headaches!


Create a new class by pressing the “+ Class” button or add an assessment by pressing the “+ Row” button.


For each assessment you can enter your grade in percentage, letter or points. The calc will interpret your entry. Here are some examples of valid entries:

  • A+
  • 100%
  • 100 out of 100

For each assessment you can enter your grade in percentage, letter or points. The calc will interpret your entry. Here are some examples of valid entries:

  • A+
  • 100%
  • 100 out of 100

Specify how much a grade item or grade category is worth for the overall grade by typing a percentage in the “Weight” column. The total weight for a single class must be 100%


To remove a row, press the “x” button.
To remove a class and all its rows, press the “-” button next to settings.


You will find your class grade at the bottom of the table.
At the bottom of each class you will visualize your overall grade in the percentage, letter and 4.0 GPA scales. You can share and save the results by pressing the respective buttons found at the bottom of all clasess.

Additional Options


Click the Settings button to show more viewing options :


Grading Scale: If enabled will show a new column where you can specify the grading scale before entering your grade or will show the interpreted grading scale based on the grade you entered.


Grade Category: If enable will show the “+ Grade Category” button at the bottom, that will allow you to group related assignments. For example: If your “Quizzes” grade is made up of 3 quizzes, you can create a “Quizes” group whose grade will be computed based on the grades and weights of your 3 quizzes.


Percent grade conversion: If enabled, a new column that shows the conversion of your grade in percent grade will be visible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are grade calculators?

Our Grade calculator is highly accurate when provided with precise input data. The accuracy of the calculated grade depends on the correctness of the grades and weightages entered by the user. It’s important to double-check your inputs and understand your school’s grading policies for the best results.

Can grade calculators predict my final grade?

Yes, our final grade calculator can predict your final grade based on current grades and the weightage of remaining assignments or exams. By entering your current grades and the weightage of upcoming assessments, you can get an estimate of the grade needed on future assignments to achieve a desired final grade.

Are there different types of grade calculators?

Yes, there are various types of grade calculators designed for specific needs, including overall grade calculator, final grade calculator, semester grade calculator, weighted grade calculator etc. Check out these calculators to calculate your grades.

What information do I need to use the calculator for my specific class?

You’ll need details like total points for each assessment, points you earned, and the weight of each assessment in your overall grade. Some calculators may ask for additional info like the number of assignments or exams.

About GPA Calculator

SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, GPA… high school and college studies are filled with acronyms and it’s enough to make anyone’s mind spin. GPA stands for grade point average and it’s yet another metric you’ll need to keep track of in high school, college, and beyond. Students often get confused on all things