IB Literature & Performance Score Calculator

IB Literature & Performance Score Scale

Understanding how your raw scores are converted into the IB course grade scale is crucial! Below is a table that breaks down the score scale for both Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) courses in Literature & Performance:

Raw Score RangeHL GradeSL Grade

📊 Note: These ranges might vary slightly each year based on exam difficulty and overall student performance, known as grade boundary adjustments.

FAQs Section

What is the difference between HL and SL in IB Literature & Performance?

In IB Literature & Performance, HL students are typically required to engage with more complex texts and perform deeper analysis, which reflects in the higher expectations on their assessments. SL courses, while still challenging, may have fewer texts to cover and slightly different assessment criteria.

How is the IB Literature & Performance exam scored?

The exam consists of several components, including written assignments, oral presentations, and possibly a written exam. Each component is scored against specific criteria, and the scores are then aggregated to determine your final grade.

Can my IB scores improve through moderation?

Yes! Your scores can be adjusted through a process called moderation if your teacher’s estimates are consistent with the scores from externally assessed components. This helps ensure fairness and accuracy in scoring.

What happens if I score on the boundary between two grades?

Boundary scores are often subject to examiner review and moderation to ensure that your final grade reflects your performance accurately. If you’re close to a higher grade boundary, it’s possible to be bumped up after reviews.

🔍 Pro Tip: Always aim to understand the grading criteria for each assessment component to maximize your scoring potential!

By addressing these common queries, students can feel more confident about their grading and what they need to achieve their desired scores. 🌟