Abilene ISD Grading Policy

Abilene ISD Grade Scale

Abilene Independent School District uses a standard grading scale to assess student performance. The grading scale is as follows:

FBelow 60%

This scale applies to all levels of schooling within the district, ensuring consistency in how grades are assigned and reported.


To illustrate how final grades are calculated, consider the following example using Abilene ISD’s grading scale:

AssignmentPercentage WeightGrade ReceivedWeighted Score
Midterm Exam30%90%27%
Final Exam25%70%17.5%
Total100%81.5% (B)

Grading Policy

Abilene ISD has specific policies to ensure fair and consistent grading practices:

  • Grade Reporting: Grades are reported every six weeks.
  • Progress Reports: Sent home at the midpoint of each grading period.
  • Make-Up Work: Students are allowed to make up work for excused absences.
  • Retakes: Students may retake assessments under certain conditions.


1. How often are grades reported in Abilene ISD?
Grades are reported every six weeks, with progress reports sent home at the midpoint of each grading period.

2. Can students make up work for missed classes?
Yes, students can make up work for excused absences. The timeframe for submission will be determined by the teacher.

3. Are there opportunities for retakes on assessments?
Yes, students may retake assessments under specific conditions set by the teacher.

4. How are final grades calculated?
Final grades are calculated based on the weighted average of assignments, tests, projects, and exams as outlined in the grading policy.

5. Where can I find more information about Abilene ISD’s grading policy?
For more detailed information, visit the Abilene Independent School District’s official website.

6. What happens if a student receives a failing grade?
Students who receive a failing grade may be required to attend remediation sessions or complete additional assignments.

7. Are grades standardized across all schools in the district?
Yes, the grading scale and policies are standardized across all schools within Abilene ISD.

Now that you understand the Abilene Independent School District’s grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator!