Lexington 05 Grading Policy

Lexington 05 Grade Scale

Lexington 05 uses a standard grading scale to evaluate student performance. The following table outlines the letter grades and their corresponding percentage ranges:

Letter GradePercentage Range
A90 – 100
B80 – 89
C70 – 79
D60 – 69
F0 – 59

Additionally, there is a weighted grading scale for Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses:

Course TypeA (90-100)B (80-89)C (70-79)D (60-69)F (0-59)


To illustrate how final grades are calculated, let’s consider a student in an Honors course with the following scores:

Midterm Exam78%30%
Final Project92%20%
Final Exam88%40%

Final Grade Calculation:

  • Homework: 85% x 10% = 8.5
  • Midterm Exam: 78% x 30% = 23.4
  • Final Project: 92% x 20% = 18.4
  • Final Exam: 88% x 40% = 35.2

Add these values together: 8.5 + 23.4 + 18.4 + 35.2 = 85.6%

In the weighted scale for Honors courses, this final percentage translates to a B+.

Grading Policy

Lexington 05 follows additional grading policies to ensure a fair and consistent evaluation process:

  • Grade Recovery: Students can retake or improve specific assignments to recover lost grades.
  • Late Work: Late submissions are accepted but may incur a penalty.
  • Middle School Policies: Standards-based grading is used to assess middle school students, focusing on mastery of skills.
  • High School Policies: High school grading includes both weighted and unweighted GPA calculations.


Q1: How does Lexington 05 handle grade recovery?
A: Students have opportunities to recover grades by retaking tests or resubmitting assignments under certain conditions. Please consult your teacher for specific policies.

Q2: Are weighted grades used for GPA calculation?
A: Yes, Honors and AP courses have weighted grades that contribute to a higher GPA.

Q3: What is the penalty for late work?
A: Late work is accepted but may incur a grade penalty. Specific penalties vary by teacher.

Q4: How are grades reported for middle school students?
A: Middle school students are graded using standards-based grading, which focuses on skill mastery rather than letter grades.

Q5: How can I find more detailed information about the grading policies?
A: For more detailed information, visit the Lexington 05 website.

Q6: What resources are available for calculating final grades?
A: Now that you understand Lexington 05’s grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use Grade Calculator or Final Grade Calculator!

Feel free to use these tools to make the most of your academic planning and performance tracking.