Pitt County Schools Grading Policy

Pitt County Schools Grade Scale

Pitt County Schools uses a standard grading scale to evaluate student performance. The grading scale is as follows:

GradeRangeGPA Value


To calculate a final grade, let’s use the following example:

AssignmentWeightGradeWeighted Grade
Midterm Exam30%7823.4
Final Project25%9223
Final Exam25%8822

Final Grade Calculation:
Sum of Weighted Grades = 17 + 23.4 + 23 + 22 = 85.4

Grading Policy

  • Middle School:
  • Homework, projects, and tests contribute to the overall grade.
  • Attendance and participation may also be considered.
  • High School:
  • Semester exams count for 20% of the final grade.
  • Coursework, including tests, projects, and homework, make up the remaining 80%.
  • Late Work Policy:
  • Late assignments may incur a penalty unless due to an excused absence.
  • Extra Credit:
  • Extra credit opportunities may be offered at the teacher’s discretion.


1. How is the final grade calculated in Pitt County Schools?
Final grades are calculated using weighted averages of homework, exams, and projects, specific to each course.

2. Are there any penalties for late submissions?
Yes, late submissions may receive a grade penalty unless there is an excused absence.

3. What is the GPA value for a grade of ‘B’?
A grade of ‘B’ corresponds to a GPA value of 3.0.

4. How much do semester exams impact the final grade in high school?
Semester exams account for 20% of the final grade in high school.

5. Can students earn extra credit?
Yes, extra credit opportunities may be available at the discretion of the teacher.

6. Where can I find more information on Pitt County Schools’ grading policies?
For more information, visit the Pitt County Schools website.

7. How are middle school grades determined?
Middle school grades are based on homework, projects, tests, attendance, and participation.

Now that you understand Pitt County Schools’ grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator!