Louisiana Schools Grading Policy

Overview of Louisiana Grading Policy

Louisiana’s grading policy aims to provide a clear and consistent framework for evaluating student performance across the state. The policy includes a traditional grade scale, a mastery scale, and the implementation of standards-based grading to ensure that students are meeting specific learning objectives. This guide will provide an in-depth look at each component of Louisiana’s grading policy.

Grade Scale 📊

Louisiana uses a standard letter grade scale to evaluate student performance. The following table outlines the percentage ranges and corresponding letter grades:

Percentage RangeLetter Grade

Mastery Scale 🏅

In addition to the traditional grade scale, Louisiana employs a mastery scale to assess students’ understanding and proficiency in specific subjects. The mastery scale is as follows:

Mastery LevelDescription
AdvancedExceeds proficiency standards
MasteryMeets proficiency standards
BasicApproaches proficiency
Approaching BasicNeeds improvement
UnsatisfactoryFar below proficiency

Standards-Based Grading 🌟

Standards-based grading in Louisiana focuses on assessing students’ mastery of specific standards and learning goals. This approach provides a more detailed understanding of a student’s strengths and areas for improvement. The standards-based grading scale is similar to the mastery scale but is applied to individual standards rather than overall grades.

FAQs ❓

Here are some frequently asked questions about Louisiana’s grading policy:

  1. What is the purpose of the mastery scale?
    • The mastery scale helps identify students’ proficiency levels in specific subjects, allowing for targeted support and enrichment.
  2. How does standards-based grading differ from traditional grading?
    • Standards-based grading evaluates students’ mastery of individual learning goals, while traditional grading provides an overall grade based on cumulative performance.
  3. Can students improve their mastery levels during the school year?
    • Yes, students can demonstrate improvement and progress to higher mastery levels through additional assessments and assignments.
  4. Are all schools in Louisiana required to use the same grading scale?
    • Yes, the grading scale is standardized across the state to ensure consistency in evaluating student performance.
  5. How are letter grades calculated from percentage scores?
    • Teachers convert percentage scores into letter grades based on the state’s grading chart.
  6. What support is available for students who receive low grades?
    • Schools provide various support services, such as tutoring and remedial programs, to help students improve their grades.
  7. How often are students assessed using the mastery scale?
    • Students are assessed regularly throughout the school year to monitor their progress and mastery of standards.
  8. Can parents access their child’s grading information online?
    • Many schools offer online portals where parents can view their child’s grades and progress reports.
  9. How does the grading policy impact college admissions?
    • Colleges and universities consider both traditional grades and mastery levels as part of their admissions process.
  10. What resources are available for understanding the grading policy?
    • The Louisiana Department of Education provides detailed guides and resources for parents and educators.

Resources 🛠️

Here are some useful resources related to Louisiana’s grading policy:

  • Louisiana Department of Education: Offers comprehensive information on grading policies, standards-based grading, and support resources.
  • Louisiana State Standards: Provides details on the learning standards and expectations for students in each grade level.
  • Parent and Student Guides: Available on the Louisiana Department of Education website, these guides help families understand the grading policy and how it affects students.

Grading Policy for Schools in Louisiana