St. Johns Grading Policy

St. Johns Grade Scale

St. Johns College uses a unique grading scale for evaluating academic performance. The grading system does not include a C- grade. Here are the key elements of the grading scale:

A-Almost Excellent
B+Very Good
B-Almost Good
C-Does Not Exist
DPassing, but Unsatisfactory


To illustrate how the final grade is calculated at St. Johns, let’s use the following example:

Course ComponentWeight (%)GradeGrade Points
Assignment 120%A4.0
Midterm Exam30%B+3.3
Final Exam50%B3.0

Final Grade Calculation:

Final Grade = (20% * 4.0) + (30% * 3.3) + (50% * 3.0) = 3.3

Final Grade: B+

Grading Policy

  • Incomplete Grades: Students may receive an Incomplete if they cannot complete coursework due to valid reasons.
  • Grade Appeal Process: Students can appeal their grades if they believe there has been an error in grading.
  • Pass/Fail Option: Certain courses may be taken on a pass/fail basis with approval.
  • Academic Probation: Students failing to meet academic standards may be placed on probation.


  1. What is the grading scale used at St. Johns?
    St. Johns uses a unique grading scale without a C- grade. It ranges from A (Excellent) to F (Failing).
  2. How can I calculate my final grade?
    You can use the final grade calculator to easily compute your final grade based on the weights of your course components.
  3. What happens if I receive an Incomplete?
    An Incomplete grade may be given if you are unable to complete your coursework due to valid reasons. You will need to finish the pending work within a stipulated time.
  4. Can I appeal my grade?
    Yes, St. Johns has a grade appeal process if you believe there has been an error in your grading.
  5. Is there a Pass/Fail option available?
    Yes, certain courses can be taken on a pass/fail basis with the necessary approvals.
  6. What are the academic probation criteria?
    Students who do not meet the academic standards may be placed on academic probation and will need to improve their grades to continue their studies.

For more detailed information, visit the St. Johns website.

Now that you understand St. Johns’ grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator!