PYLUSD Grading Policy

PYLUSD Grade Scale

The Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD) employs a standardized grading scale to evaluate student performance. The grading scale is as follows:

GradePercentage RangeDescription
D60-69%Needs Improvement
FBelow 60%Failing

This scale ensures consistency across all courses and grade levels within the district.


To calculate a final grade using the PYLUSD grading scale, consider the following example:

AssignmentPercentage WeightGradeWeighted Score
Homework20%A (95%)19%
Midterm Exam30%B (85%)25.5%
Final Project20%C (75%)15%
Final Exam30%B (88%)26.4%
Final Grade100%86% (B)

The final grade in this example is calculated as 86%, which corresponds to a B.

Grading Policy

Additional grading policies for PYLUSD include:

  • Progress Reports: Issued every 6 weeks to provide ongoing feedback.
  • Makeup Work: Students are allowed to make up work missed due to excused absences.
  • Weighted Grades: Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses receive additional weight in GPA calculations.
  • Middle School Policies:
  • Effort and citizenship grades are reported separately.
  • Emphasis on formative assessments to guide learning.
  • High School Policies:
  • Semester grades are the official record.
  • Final exams typically account for 20% of the semester grade.


Q1: How often are grades updated in PYLUSD?
Grades are updated regularly throughout the semester, with progress reports issued every 6 weeks.

Q2: What happens if I miss an assignment due to an excused absence?
You are allowed to make up missed work within a specified time frame. Please check with your teacher for details.

Q3: How are AP and Honors courses weighted in GPA calculations?
AP and Honors courses receive additional weight, typically an extra point in the GPA calculation (e.g., an A in an AP course is worth 5.0 instead of 4.0).

Q4: How can I find out more about my child’s grades and progress?
Parents and students can access the district’s online portal for up-to-date information on grades and assignments.

Q5: Are effort and citizenship grades included in the GPA?
No, effort and citizenship grades are reported separately and do not affect the GPA.

Q6: How much do final exams count towards my semester grade?
Final exams typically count for 20% of your semester grade.

For more detailed information, visit the Placentia Yorba Linda Unified website.

Now that you understand PYLUSD’s grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use Grade Calculator or Final Grade Calculator!