Jurupa Unified Grading Policy

Jurupa Unified Grade Scale

Jurupa Unified uses a standardized grading scale to evaluate student achievement. The scale is as follows:

GradePercentage RangeGrade Point Average (GPA)


To calculate a final grade, consider the following example:

AssignmentWeightGradeWeighted Score
Midterm Exam30%75%22.5
Final Exam30%80%24

The final grade is 81.5%, which corresponds to a B.

Grading Policy

Jurupa Unified has several specific grading policies:

Middle School:

  • Homework counts for 10-20% of the final grade.
  • Exams and projects count for 40-60% of the final grade.
  • Participation and attendance can also be factored into the final grade.

High School:

  • Coursework is divided into formative (30%) and summative assessments (70%).
  • Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors classes have weighted GPA scales.
  • Attendance may impact grades, especially in participation-based courses.


  1. How is my GPA calculated in Jurupa Unified?
    Your GPA is calculated based on the grade points assigned to your percentage grades. For example, an A (90-100%) is worth 4.0 points.
  2. What is the weight of homework in middle school grading?
    Homework typically counts for 10-20% of the final grade in middle school.
  3. How are AP and Honors classes graded differently?
    AP and Honors classes use a weighted GPA scale, providing additional points for higher-level coursework.
  4. Can attendance affect my grade?
    Yes, especially in participation-based courses, attendance can impact your final grade.
  5. Where can I find more detailed information about Jurupa Unified’s grading policies?
    For more information, please visit the Jurupa Unified website.

Now that you understand the Jurupa Unified’s grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator!