Deer Valley Unified District Grading Policy

Deer Valley Unified District Grade Scale

Deer Valley Unified District aims to ensure that grades are equitable, accurate, specific, and timely. Grades provide clear feedback to inform student learning. The grading scale is designed to reflect student achievement in a transparent manner.

Grade Scale

PercentageLetter Grade


Calculating Final Grade:

  • Assignment 1: 85%
  • Assignment 2: 90%
  • Midterm Exam: 75%
  • Final Exam: 80%

Final Grade Calculation:

ComponentWeightGradeWeighted Grade
Assignment 125%85%21.25%
Assignment 225%90%22.5%
Midterm Exam25%75%18.75%
Final Exam25%80%20%
Final Grade82.5% (B)

Grading Policy

  • Grades reflect students’ performance based on clearly defined criteria.
  • The district emphasizes consistency and fairness in grading across all schools.
  • Both formative and summative assessments are used to determine grades.
  • Teachers provide timely feedback to support student learning and improvement.


What grading scale does Deer Valley Unified District use?

    • Deer Valley Unified District uses a standard A-F grading scale with corresponding percentages.

    How are grades calculated in Deer Valley Unified District?

      • Grades are calculated based on a combination of assignments, exams, and other assessments, each weighted according to the district’s policies.

      Are there specific grading policies for middle and high school students?

        • Yes, the district has specific guidelines for grading at different educational levels to ensure age-appropriate assessments.

        How does Deer Valley Unified District ensure grading fairness and accuracy?

          • The district employs consistent grading criteria and provides ongoing professional development for teachers to maintain grading standards.

          Where can I find more information about Deer Valley Unified District’s grading policies?

            Now that you understand Deer Valley Unified District’s grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator!