AP Human Geography Score Calculator

AP Human Geography Score Scale

Understanding how your raw scores translate into your final grade is crucial for mapping your study strategy! 🎯 Below is a table that outlines the typical score scale for AP Human Geography, helping you see where your efforts land you on the AP scale.

Raw Score RangeAP ScoreTypical Grade Equivalent

This table is based on general trends and may vary slightly each year depending on the exam’s difficulty and student performance distributions.

FAQs Section

What is the scoring system for the AP Human Geography exam?

The AP Human Geography exam uses a 1-5 scoring scale, with 5 being the highest. Scores are derived from your total raw score, which includes both multiple-choice and free-response sections. 📝

How is my raw score calculated?

Your raw score for AP Human Geography is calculated by adding the points you earn from correct answers in the multiple-choice section (no points are deducted for incorrect answers) and the points from the free-response section as graded by the AP readers. 🧮

Are there different scoring rules for different sections of the exam?

Yes, the multiple-choice section and the free-response section are scored differently. The multiple-choice section scores are based purely on the number of correct answers, while the free-response section scores are based on the quality of your responses as judged by the examiners. 📊

How can I estimate my final AP score?

You can estimate your AP score by calculating your raw score and then comparing it to typical raw score ranges that correspond to AP scores (as shown in the table above). There are also online calculators and resources that can help you estimate your score based on past years’ data. 🖥️

Does the scoring scale change every year?

The scoring scale for the AP Human Geography exam is fairly consistent, but the exact raw score ranges that correspond to each AP score can shift slightly from year to year depending on the overall exam difficulty and the performance of the cohort. 📉

Please note that the AP and IB (HL and SL) scoring systems are distinct from each other. This guide specifically addresses AP scoring; IB Human Geography, which includes Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) distinctions, uses a different scale and grading criteria.