Richmond City Public Schools Grading Policy

Richmond City Public Schools Grade Scale

Richmond City Public Schools employs a clear and structured grading scale to ensure consistency and fairness in evaluating student performance. Below is the detailed breakdown:

GradePercentage RangeDescription
D60-69%Below Average


To understand how final grades are calculated in Richmond City Public Schools, let’s use the following example:

Assume a student has the following grades in a semester:

AssignmentGrade (%)
Final Exam88%

Using the grading scale above, the final grade calculation would be:

ComponentWeightGrade (%)Weighted Grade
Final Exam30%88%26.4%

Final Grade: B

Grading Policy

Richmond City Public Schools has several key grading policies to ensure transparency and support student learning:

  • Regular Assessments: Frequent assessments to gauge student progress.
  • Grade Reporting: Grades are reported quarterly to keep students and parents informed.
  • Make-up Work: Opportunities for students to complete missed assignments.
  • Extra Credit: Available to encourage additional learning and improvement.


1. How often are grades updated in Richmond City Public Schools?
Grades are updated on a quarterly basis to ensure timely feedback for students and parents.

2. What is the passing grade in Richmond City Public Schools?
A passing grade is 60% or above.

3. Can students retake tests to improve their grades?
Yes, students may retake tests according to the school’s specific retake policies.

4. Are there any additional resources for students struggling with grades?
Yes, Richmond City Public Schools offers tutoring and after-school programs to help students improve their grades.

5. Where can I find more information about the grading policy?
For more details, visit the Richmond City Public Schools website.

Now that you understand Richmond City Public Schools’s grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use Grade Calculator or Final Grade Calculator!