Federal Way Grading Policy

Federal Way School District Grade Scale

Federal Way School District uses a standards-based grading system designed to reflect students’ proficiency in specific learning standards. The grading scale is as follows:

GradeProficiency LevelDescription
4Exceeding StandardsConsistently demonstrates advanced understanding
3Meeting StandardsDemonstrates proficient understanding
2Approaching StandardsShows partial understanding and is approaching proficiency
1Below StandardsLimited understanding of the standards
0No EvidenceNo evidence of understanding or not assessed


To calculate the final grade, the following example demonstrates how the Federal Way School District’s grading scale is applied:

AssignmentScore (0-4)
Math Test3
Science Project2
English Essay4
History Quiz3

Final Grade Calculation:

  • Math Test: 3
  • Science Project: 2
  • English Essay: 4
  • History Quiz: 3
  • Participation: 2

Average Score: (3 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 2) / 5 = 2.8

Final Grade: Meeting Standards (3)

Grading Policy

  • Middle School:
  • Emphasis on formative assessments to guide instruction.
  • Summative assessments used to determine final grades.
  • Regular feedback provided to support student growth.
  • High School:
  • Performance-based assessments are a critical component.
  • Consistent reevaluation and opportunities for reassessment.
  • Graduation requirements include proficiency in essential standards.


Q1: How are grades determined in Federal Way School District?
Grades are based on students’ proficiency in learning standards, evaluated through various assessments and assignments.

Q2: What does a score of 3 represent?
A score of 3 indicates that a student is meeting the standards and has demonstrated proficient understanding of the material.

Q3: Can students retake assessments to improve their grades?
Yes, students are allowed to retake assessments to demonstrate improved proficiency in the standards.

Q4: How often are report cards issued?
Report cards are issued quarterly to provide regular updates on students’ progress.

Q5: Where can I find more information about the grading policy?
For more detailed information, visit the Federal Way School District’s website.

Now that you understand the Federal Way School District’s grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator!