Weslaco ISD Grading Policy

Weslaco ISD Grade Scale

Weslaco Independent School District uses a standard grading scale to assess student performance:

Letter GradePercentage


To calculate the final grade, assume a student has the following grades:

  • Homework: 85%
  • Midterm Exam: 78%
  • Final Exam: 92%

Using the Weslaco ISD grading scale:

ComponentWeightGradeWeighted Grade
Midterm Exam30%78%23.4
Final Exam30%92%27.6

The final grade is 85%.

Grading Policy

Weslaco ISD follows specific guidelines for grading:

  • Daily Work: Counts for 50% of the final grade.
  • Major Exams/Projects: Counts for 50% of the final grade.
  • Late Work: Accepted with a penalty of 10 points per day.
  • Retake Policy: Students can retake exams for a maximum score of 70%.


1. How are final grades calculated in Weslaco ISD?
Final grades are determined by combining daily work (50%) and major exams/projects (50%).

2. Can students retake exams?
Yes, students can retake exams for a maximum score of 70%.

3. What is the penalty for late work?
Late work is penalized by 10 points per day.

4. How are different grade components weighted?
Daily work and major exams/projects are each weighted at 50%.

5. Where can I find more information on grading policies?
Visit the Weslaco Independent School District website for detailed information.

6. What is the grading scale used by Weslaco ISD?
The grading scale ranges from A (90-100%) to F (0-59%).

7. Are there special grading policies for middle and high school students?
The same grading policies apply to both middle and high school students, with specific adjustments as needed per grade level.

Now that you understand Weslaco Independent School District’s grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator!