Montgomery County Schools Grading Policy

Montgomery County Schools Grade Scale

Montgomery County Schools use a detailed and structured grading scale to assess student performance. The grade scale is as follows:

Letter GradePercentage RangeGPA Points


To calculate the final grade, use the following example:

AssignmentPercentageWeightWeighted Score
Midterm Exam78%30%23.4
Final Project92%25%23.0

Final Grade: B

Grading Policy

Middle School:

  • Uses letter grades (A, B, C, D, E).
  • Progress reports are issued quarterly.
  • Final grades are based on a combination of homework, classwork, tests, and participation.

High School:

  • Uses letter grades with GPA points.
  • Grades are cumulative throughout the semester.
  • Includes weighted grades for honors and AP courses.


1. How often are grades updated?
Grades are typically updated every two weeks. Check with individual teachers for specific timelines.

2. What is the minimum passing grade?
The minimum passing grade is 60%, which corresponds to a D.

3. How are final grades calculated in high school?
Final grades are calculated by combining all assignment grades according to their weightage over the semester.

4. Can students retake tests for a better grade?
Retake policies vary by teacher. Students should check with their individual instructors.

5. How does the grading policy account for honors and AP classes?
Honors and AP classes are weighted more heavily in GPA calculations to reflect the increased difficulty.

6. Where can I find more detailed information about grading policies?
More detailed information can be found on the Montgomery County Schools website.

7. Are there any resources to help calculate my grades?
Yes, now that you understand the Montgomery County Schools’ grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator.

By understanding Montgomery County Schools’ grading policy, you can better track your academic progress and achieve your educational goals.