Oklahoma City Grading Policy

Oklahoma City Grade Scale

Oklahoma City uses a specific grading scale for assessing student performance. The following table outlines the grade distribution:

GradePercentage RangeDescription
D60-69%Needs Improvement
FBelow 60%Failing


To illustrate how final grades are calculated, consider the following example:

AssessmentWeight (%)Grade (%)Weighted Grade (%)
Midterm Exam30%85%25.5
Final Exam40%90%36.0
Final Grade87.5

Grading Policy

  • Course Completion Requirements: Students must complete all required coursework to pass.
  • Attendance: Regular attendance is mandatory and may impact the final grade.
  • Late Assignments: Penalties apply for late submissions, unless previously arranged with the instructor.
  • Extra Credit: Offered at the instructor’s discretion.
  • Appeal Process: Students can appeal grades through a formal process outlined in the student handbook.


1. How is the final grade calculated in Oklahoma City schools?
The final grade is calculated based on a weighted average of various assessments, such as exams, assignments, and participation.

2. What is the passing grade in Oklahoma City?
A passing grade is 60% or higher, corresponding to a grade of D or better.

3. Are there any penalties for late assignments?
Yes, late assignments are subject to penalties unless arrangements are made in advance with the instructor.

4. Is extra credit available?
Extra credit opportunities may be available at the discretion of the instructor.

5. How can I appeal a grade I believe is incorrect?
Students can follow the formal grade appeal process as outlined in the student handbook. For more details, visit the Oklahoma City website.

Now that you understand Oklahoma City’s grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator!