Jackson Public Schools Grading Policy

Jackson Public Schools Grade Scale

Jackson Public Schools use a detailed grading scale to assess student performance. The grading scale is as follows:

GradePercentage RangeGPA Equivalent
FBelow 650.0


To calculate a final grade, let’s assume a student has the following scores:

  • Homework: 85%
  • Midterm Exam: 78%
  • Final Exam: 92%

Using the grading scale:

ComponentWeightScoreWeighted Score
Midterm Exam30%7823.4
Final Exam50%9246.0
Final Grade86.4

Grading Policy

  • Middle and high school students are assessed using the same grading scale.
  • Grades are calculated using weighted averages, where each assignment and test has a specific weight.
  • Make-up work is allowed for excused absences, with deadlines determined by individual teachers.
  • Report cards are issued quarterly, with progress reports available midway through each grading period.


1. What is the grading scale used by Jackson Public Schools?
Jackson Public Schools use a standard grading scale where A is 90-100, B is 80-89, C is 70-79, D is 65-69, and F is below 65.

2. How are final grades calculated?
Final grades are calculated using weighted averages of homework, midterms, and final exams. For example, if homework is 20%, midterms are 30%, and finals are 50%, these weights are applied to the scores to determine the final grade.

3. Can students make up missed work?
Yes, students can make up work for excused absences. The deadline for make-up work is set by the teacher.

4. How often are report cards issued?
Report cards are issued quarterly, and progress reports are provided halfway through each grading period.

5. Where can I find more information about the grading policy?
For more details on the grading policy, visit the Jackson Public Schools website.

6. Are there specific policies for middle and high school students?
Both middle and high school students follow the same grading scale, but specific policies regarding make-up work and assignment weights may vary by grade level.

7. How are GPA calculations handled?
GPA calculations are based on the standard grading scale, with each grade assigned a corresponding GPA value (e.g., A = 4.0, B = 3.0).

Now that you understand the Jackson Public Schools’ grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use final grade calculator!