Frederick County Schools Grading Policy

Frederick County Public Schools Grade Scale

Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) utilizes a detailed grading scale to ensure fair assessment of student performance. Here is the grading scale used:

Letter GradePercentage RangeDescription
D60-69%Needs Improvement
FBelow 60%Failing


To calculate the final grade, FCPS uses the following method:

  1. Assign each letter grade a percentage.
  2. Calculate the weighted average if applicable.

Final Grade Calculation Example

CourseGradePercentage WeightGrade Points

Final Grade: 83.5% (B)

Grading Policy

  • Middle School: Uses a similar grading scale as high schools, with additional emphasis on formative assessments.
  • High School: Focuses on cumulative performance, with semester exams counting towards the final grade.
  • Attendance: Regular attendance is crucial and may impact grades.
  • Homework: Completes homework assignments can influence final grades, especially in middle school.


  1. What grading scale does Frederick County Schools use?
    FCPS uses a letter grade scale ranging from A (90-100%) to F (below 60%).
  2. How are final grades calculated in high school?
    Final grades are calculated using the weighted average of all coursework, including semester exams.
  3. Does attendance affect my grade?
    Yes, regular attendance is important and can impact your overall grade.
  4. Is there a different grading policy for middle school?
    Middle school follows a similar grading scale but emphasizes formative assessments more heavily.
  5. Where can I find more information about FCPS grading policies?
    For detailed information, visit the Frederick County Public Schools website.
  6. Are homework assignments counted towards final grades?
    Yes, completing homework assignments can influence your final grades, particularly in middle school.
  7. Can I use a calculator to help with my grades?
    Absolutely! Now that you understand the Frederick County Public Schools’ grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator!