Charles County Schools Grading Policy

Charles County Schools Grade Scale

Charles County Schools uses a standardized grading scale to assess student performance. The grading scale is as follows:

Letter GradePercentage Range
FBelow 60%

This grading scale ensures consistency and fairness across all grade levels.


To calculate a final grade, use the following example based on the Charles County Schools grading scale:

AssignmentPercentage WeightStudent’s ScoreWeighted Score
Midterm Exam25%75%18.75%
Final Project25%80%20%
Final Grade100%82.75%

Final Grade: 82.75% (B)

Grading Policy

  • Middle School:
  • Grades are weighted with assignments and tests contributing to the final grade.
  • Late work may be penalized but accepted within a specified timeframe.
  • High School:
  • Final exams are mandatory and account for a significant portion of the final grade.
  • Extra credit opportunities are limited and subject to teacher discretion.
  • General Policies:
  • Attendance and participation may impact grades.
  • Academic integrity is strictly enforced, and plagiarism or cheating results in severe penalties.


Q1: How are final grades calculated in Charles County Schools?
A1: Final grades are calculated using weighted averages of assignments, quizzes, exams, and projects as per the district’s grading scale.

Q2: Are there opportunities for extra credit?
A2: Extra credit opportunities are limited and vary by teacher and course.

Q3: How does attendance affect my grade?
A3: Attendance and participation are crucial and can affect your overall grade, especially if you miss important assignments or tests.

Q4: What happens if I submit an assignment late?
A4: Late assignments may be accepted with a penalty, but it’s best to submit all work on time to avoid any grade reduction.

Q5: How do I appeal a grade I believe is incorrect?
A5: You can appeal a grade by discussing it with your teacher first. If unresolved, follow the district’s formal grade appeal process.

Q6: Are final exams mandatory?
A6: Yes, final exams are mandatory and contribute significantly to the final grade in high school courses.

Q7: Where can I find more information about grading policies?
A7: For more information, visit the Charles County Schools official website.

Now that you understand the Charles County Schools grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use Grade Calculator or Final Grade Calculator!