Valley View CUSD 365u Grading Policy

Valley View CUSD 365u Grade Scale

Valley View CUSD 365u uses a standard grading scale to evaluate student performance:

GradePercentage Range

Grades are determined based on the percentage of total points earned in a course.


To calculate a final grade, consider the following example:

AssignmentPoints EarnedTotal PointsPercentage
Midterm Exam8510085%
Final Project455090%

Final Grade Calculation:

CategoryWeightWeighted Score
Midterm Exam20%17%
Final Project30%27%
Total100%88% (B)

Grading Policy

Valley View CUSD 365u has several specific grading policies:

  • Late Work: Assignments submitted late will incur a penalty unless prior arrangements are made with the teacher.
  • Reassessments: Students may be allowed to retake certain assessments to improve their grades.
  • Academic Integrity: Any form of cheating or plagiarism will result in disciplinary action and possible grade penalties.


Q1: What is the minimum passing grade at Valley View CUSD 365u?
A: The minimum passing grade is a D, which corresponds to a percentage range of 60-69%.

Q2: How are weighted grades calculated?
A: Grades are weighted based on the importance of each assignment category. For example, homework might be 40%, exams 20%, projects 30%, and participation 10%.

Q3: Can students retake exams or redo assignments?
A: Yes, students may be allowed to retake exams or redo assignments at the teacher’s discretion.

Q4: What happens if a student is caught cheating?
A: Cheating results in disciplinary action and possible grade penalties. Specific consequences are detailed in the student handbook.

Q5: How can I check my current grades?
A: Students and parents can check current grades through the district’s online portal.

For more information, visit the Valley View CUSD 365u website.

Now that you understand Valley View CUSD 365u’s grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator!