Bay Grading Policy

Bay Grade Scale

Bay uses a standard letter grading system for assessing student performance. Here is a breakdown of the grading scale:

GradeQuality PointsDescription
AB3.50Intermediate Grade
BC2.50Intermediate Grade
P0.00Pass (No Impact on GPA)
NC0.00No Credit


Here’s an example of how to calculate the final grade using Bay’s grading scale:

CourseGradeQuality PointsCreditsTotal Quality Points
Physical EducationP0.0010.00

Final GPA Calculation:
Total Quality Points / Total Credits = 37.00 / 13 = 2.85

Grading Policy

  • Pass/No Credit Option: Students can opt for P/NC for certain courses, which do not affect their GPA.
  • Incomplete Grades: An ‘I’ (Incomplete) grade may be given if a student cannot complete coursework on time due to extenuating circumstances. The student must complete the course requirements within the next semester.
  • Withdrawal: A ‘W’ grade indicates a student has officially withdrawn from a course.
  • Repeating Courses: Students may repeat courses to improve their grades, but all attempts will be recorded on the transcript.


  1. What is the grading scale used by Bay?
    Bay uses a letter grading system ranging from A (Excellent) to F (Failure), with intermediate grades such as AB and BC.
  2. How does Bay handle incomplete grades?
    An ‘I’ grade is given for incomplete coursework due to extenuating circumstances and must be resolved within the next semester.
  3. Can I opt for a pass/no credit option for any course?
    Yes, some courses offer a P/NC option, which does not impact your GPA.
  4. How is the GPA calculated at Bay?
    GPA is calculated by dividing the total quality points earned by the total credits taken.
  5. What happens if I withdraw from a course?
    A ‘W’ grade will be recorded, indicating withdrawal, and it does not affect your GPA.
  6. Can I repeat a course to improve my grade?
    Yes, courses can be repeated to improve grades, but all attempts will appear on your transcript.
  7. Where can I find more information on Bay’s grading policies?
    For detailed information, visit Bay’s official website.

Now that you understand Bay’s grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator!