Mat-Su Borough School District Grading Policy

Mat-Su Borough School District Grade Scale

The Mat-Su Borough School District uses a standard grading scale to assess student performance. The scale is as follows:

PercentageLetter GradeGPA Equivalent


To calculate the final grade, assume a student has the following percentages in their coursework:

Course ComponentPercentageWeight
Midterm Exam88%20%
Final Exam92%30%

The final grade calculation would be:

Final Grade = (85% * 20%) + (78% * 30%) + (88% * 20%) + (92% * 30%) = 85.9%

Final Letter Grade: B

Grading Policy

  • Middle School:
  • Use of the standard grading scale for all subjects.
  • Progress reports issued mid-quarter.
  • High School:
  • Credits are awarded based on the successful completion of courses with a minimum grade of D.
  • GPA is calculated using the standard grading scale.


1. What grading scale does Mat-Su Borough School District use?
Mat-Su Borough School District uses a standard grading scale where A is 90-100%, B is 80-89%, C is 70-79%, D is 60-69%, and F is 0-59%.

2. How are final grades calculated in high school?
Final grades are calculated using weighted averages of various coursework components such as homework, quizzes, midterm exams, and final exams.

3. What is the minimum grade required to pass a course?
A minimum grade of D (60%) is required to pass a course in Mat-Su Borough School District.

4. How often are progress reports issued for middle school students?
Progress reports are issued mid-quarter for middle school students.

5. Where can I find more information about the grading policies?
For more information, visit the Mat-Su Borough School District’s Student Handbook.

6. Are there any special considerations for students with disabilities?
Yes, grading policies may be adjusted to accommodate students with disabilities, as outlined in their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

7. How does the grading policy affect GPA calculation?
GPA is calculated using the standard grading scale, with each letter grade corresponding to a specific GPA equivalent.

Now that you understand the Mat-Su Borough School District’s grading policy, calculate your final grade with our easy-to-use grade calculator or final grade calculator!